It was a few months ago when I realized just how much the stories that we tell can impact us.

It’s 6 p.m. and I’m seated at a cafe right next to F64, my boarding gate for a flight from Toronto to Washington. I was bored so I went to pull out my iPad and dig into a game of Scrabble.

But it, and the bag I had it in, were nowhere to be found. So along with my iPad, I was now missing my wallet and car keys (of which I only have one).

That’s the moment I really started to get concerned. I bought the car in the Canada, I live in the U.S. now. It would not be easy to get a new key. I’d lose the iPad, my wallet, and it would be at least a few months without being able to drive my car.

I had to find a way to get it back.

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Okay friends, this post is brand new, custom developed, and chock-full of ninja awesomeness.

Last year, 11 Tools Every Ninja Needs was our most popular blog post. This year, we’ve updated it to become something much bigger—The Ultimate Ninja Gear Guide.

We’ve broken down the best tools for ninja filmmaking into every category: camera, lenses, lighting, support, audio, and business/education.

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When wedding cinematographer Ray Roman began less than 10 years ago, he was overworked and underpaid.

It took a few years and a lot of lessons learned but in that time he’s emerged as one of the preeminent wedding cinematographers in his field. He’s filmed the weddings of prominent athletes, like NBA star Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat. He’s filmed social media mogul Sean Parker’s elaborate wedding in the Redwoods of California—a really fun shoot that I got to help on. (It was out of this world—there were bunnies!)

So when we had the opportunity to sit down with Ray, and we could ask him anything, we wanted to know more about his incredible journey. We wanted to understand how he went from charging $2,500 a gig, to a business that films spectacular weddings all over the world. We wanted to know what made Ray one of the top wedding cinematographers out there today.

We learned that Ray Roman’s success is built on years of experience, a stellar reputation, and exceptional expertise, but that he made a few mistakes along the way too. Mistakes that cost him money. Mistakes that he’s sharing with us—with you—so that you can learn what to stop doing today so that you can start making better money tomorrow.