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Warning! How to build an engaging video by leveraging conflict

By | Featured, Storytelling | 14 Comments

We all want people to watch our stories, right?

When our team launches a new film I’m sure I’m not the only one who logs into our Vimeo account a little too much to see if people are watching it.

But hitting the play button is only half the journey we wish for our audience. We also want them to stick with our story and watch it all the way through. After all, we can spend MONTHS working on just one piece, and it can be rather heartbreaking if it’s turned off after a few a few frames. If they get bored and don’t make it all the way through.

So when we get people to click play, when they start watching our video, there is one single ingredient that, without it, your story is going nowhere. Without it, you’ll lose them.

Without this one thing, your story goes nowhere. Let’s explore what that ingredient is—and why it is so powerful. And how it it works to hold your audience until the very last frame. More than that, we’ll offer proof too.

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