We’re Stillmotion, a tireless group of borderline workaholics united by our passions in life: film, education, competitive office-wide sporting events, snacks, and most importantly — storytelling. Capturing a meaningful story is never easy, but it’s the process and rewards of great storytelling that keep us coming back to the challenge.

This blog was designed to bring together all of the dimensions that make up Stillmotion and create a space for you to read, watch, learn, and discover new opportunities. We have so much filmmaking experience to offer, and this blog is where we share it with you.

The goal of Stillmotion EDU is simple: we want to help people tell better stories. This means not only finding the great stories, but finding the best techniques to tell those stories in a powerful way. Stillmotion knows how difficult this process can be, and our EDU team is here to help you get started.

Meet The Team

A020_C003_0424SNOriginal Gangsters

Patrick, Amina, and Justin are the longest standing members of Stillmotion — they make up the company’s strong Canadian roots.

At some point they emerged from their woodland cabins and wandered into the open arms of the United States, where they began to collect the bright, shining stars that make up the rest of the team.

Incredibly dedicated to the art of storytelling, today these three work as Creative Directors, Producers, and Educators to keep the vision of Stillmotion alive and kicking.



Known as the Stillmotion “genius wranglers,” the EDU team was formed to organize courses like EVO and Take Action, manage the blog, and keep a steady flow of ’90s Top 40 hits playing in the office at all times.

At the heart of EDU is Adam “Shake n’ Bake” Baker. Adam serves as the Beyoncé of the group, while other members George, Zippy, Anna, Margaret, and Brody write all the songs and choreograph the dancing.

“But their treasure wasn’t gold. It was knowledge.”
- Indiana Jones


These people put their blood, sweat, tears, and countless pots of coffee into all of the beautiful films and documentaries you see come out of Stillmotion.

Grant, Courtney, Winnie, Brit, David, Joyce, Ray, and Jeremy — all of them work tirelessly to keep the films we produce looking fresh and sexy, and they double as Educators for EDU events.

A true band of filmmaking superheroes, they wear leotards underneath their clothing at all times, and have an unflinching dedication to kicking ass and sending emails.

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What Do You Have Questions About?

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We’ve organized all of the content on this blog into 8 categories. These are tools that will make it easy to find information on a specific topic, so you don’t have to scroll through page after page trying to find what you’re looking for. Each one represents an area of filmmaking that the Stillmotion team knows, from experience, you’ll have questions about — and we’re here to help.


Get SMAPP!LensSelector

Another invaluable tool for filmmakers is the Stillmotion app, SMAPP.

Filmmakers, storytellers, photographers, and other smart people designed this app to help you think about every choice you make during the filmmaking process, and keep you organized throughout the big shoot day.

Tutorials, tools, reviews, gear, lighting, locations, logistics — we want you to get all your bases covered because we know how overwhelming it can be to get everything to come together for a shoot.

Oh, and it’s FREE!

Visit getSMAPP.com to download the app and start telling better stories.