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United by curiosity, we are a band of filmmakers and educators who embrace the magnetic force of an artfully crafted story. Capturing a meaningful story is never easy, but no matter how grueling the process of great storytelling keeps us coming back. Stillmotion is like one of those clown punching bags that pops back up every time you knock it down. We are constantly rising to the challenge of telling a better story. Above all we are passionate about what we do, be it making films, or educational opportunities, or making a perfect latte--it is passion that keeps us up at night and gets us out of bed in the morning.

Infact we are so passionate about filmmaking that it spills over into everything else that we do. Literally, we are busting at the seams. And because we can’t contain ourselves, we’ve created this space for filmmakers to learn, read, get inspired, and discover new opportunities. All the things we want to do in our own filmmaking--we want you to do them too. To the best of our ability, we’ll share what we’ve learned in our 9 years of making films. What worked, what floundered, what we continue to reach for.

Stillmotion education started as a favor for a friend.

This is how we approach everything we teach–as colleagues. When it comes to storytelling from the heart, we believe you can learn more from a well-informed friend than you can from the finest academic institutions. We bring this personal approach to our storytelling processes, books, online courses, intensive workshops, filmmaking consultation, mentorships, and speaking events in the world at large. Stillmotion started in weddings as a way to buy camera gear while in University. One day we got a call, totally out of blue, from the NFL. They’d seen one of our wedding films, appreciated our approach to story, and wanted to see what we could do for football. In a week we went from hotel ballrooms to all access for the NFL playoffs, San Diego vs. Green Bay. That relationship got us noticed by CBS, which led to the DP and camerawork for A Game of Honor, which went on to win 3 Emmys. What it really showed us was the possibility and value in us stepping out and telling our own stories. With that we took on our first entirely original feature length documentary, #standwithme the empowering story of a 9-year-old using lemonade to try to change the world.

Meet the Stillmotion Education team:



Creative Director and Co-Founder of Stillmotion

Patrick has distilled Stillmotion’s innovative approach to storytelling into workshops, web learning, and educational tours, inspiring storytellers worldwide. A four-time Emmy Award winner and Canon Explorer of Light, Patrick strongly believes that powerful stories possess the ability to change the world and pursues every story he tells with unparalleled passion.


Creative Director of Education

Heidi is a navigator of narrative. She seeks out the heart of a story and will not rest until she knows its home address. We treat how we teach, the narrative, structure, and impact as seriously as an story we’ve told for AT&T, Apple, or the NFL. With years teaching creative writing and cross-media storytelling, Heidi points the education team at Stillmotion ever starward.


Community Coordinator

Connecting people to the heart of Stillmotion, George is at the helm of Community Experience. Producing amazing learning events with finely tuned personal touches is no easy task, but George’s warmth and personality make his work exceptional. With a background in marketing and freelance video production, George’s passion for heartfelt storytelling is evident in every workshop.


Education Assistant

Bex brings a new facet to the Stillmotion team. Formally educated in Post Production and Experimental Media in Boston, she loves films that can say everything without saying a single word. With a background in journalism, her route to the heart of every story is paved with interviews, research, and a burning desire to tell that story with flourishing detail.

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