• Some Amazing EDU Opportunities From SM & Friends

The sun is beginning to peek it’s sleepy head out from behind the Portland clouds after another long winter and that means it’s time to get outside and start exploring some new opportunities.

Fortunately, we have the scoop on some super rad workshops that may be stopping in a city or country near you! And a special offer too :)

Whether you are just breaking into filmmaking, know your way around and want some new insight, or are a pro looking to be re-inspired, there is a learning opportunity with your name on it.

Directing Motion
Vincent LaForet
32 cities, May 6- July 13, 2014
Multiple sessions at $79 – $295

After he broke his arm three months ago, Vincent had far too much time on his hands. What is a director to do, but order 100 movies on Blu-Ray and dissect the motion in each one and use them to craft a 32 city workshop tour?

We met Vincent years ago when we were just getting started in the education. Speaking at the same conference, we were so impressed by his personable energy and his willingness to share his extensive cinematography expertise with a bunch of relative newbies. (Like us! This is back when we were in Canada and only a few years in).

This workshop is a fabulous opportunity to learn how to move your camera with your story in mind.

That stack of 100 films has been whittled down to a couple hundred clips that illustrate the dynamic range of motion you can get with a few simple moves.

Alone this collection of carefully curated clips is a film buff’s dream, but the impressive roster of clips is designed to turn the passive viewer to an active connoisseur of film/motion content.

Participants will walk away with a solid understanding of blocking, camera movement lensing, and sequencing and will have the skills to apply it to their vision. The principles Vincent will show and teach are ones you can use on any shoot. We have June 3rd circled on our calendar, the entire Stillmotion team will be there when he is in Portland:)

Check out the trailer and use this discount code to receive 10% registration through April 30th: DMTSTL10

Wistia Fest
Heidi McKye
Boston, May 20-22
3 days at $500


Media makers come in many forms, from Marketing mavens looking to brand a product with a killer video, entrepreneurs looking to kick start their business, or a filmmaker chasing their dream, WistiaFest is a gathering of the best and the brightest in video.

Heidi McKye, our brilliant education creative director, is bringing Stillmotion’s unique method of storytelling with video to the smorgasbord of amazing video seminars.

We are so excited to be included in their program which features so many diverse approaches to filmmaking. This is the perfect place to grow you video marketing chops and learn how to maximize your video’s exposure from some of the best in the business.

Wistia is video platform that gives amazing insight into your video’s reach. With panel discussions, talks, and hands on workshops you can be sure it will be a priceless learning and networking opportunity. Wanting to learn more, you’ll find it at: http://wistia.com/wistiafest

Canon In Action
Amina Moreau
24 Cities, March – November 2014
2 day long sessions at $99 – $199 per


Have you picked up your camera recently, only to realize that you have NO IDEA what all the buttons actually do? Or been out and about shooting and not sure which lens will best capture the pack of puppies running towards you from across the park? Want to hone your understanding of how light works through a lens?

Amina is on her way to 24 cities across the US to help! As a part of Canon’s Official Educational Roadshow, our very own Amina Moreau will be teaching a Canon Imaging Essentials Seminar.

This intro to HD Video and in-depth photography education summit will help you gain control of your camera, master light, make the right lens choices, and improve your composition.

Whether you are a budding filmmaker getting serious about your video skills or just looking to capture your family’s story or document your growing business, these foundational skills are the tools to tell your story better!

For more info and registration details click here.

Storytelling With Heart International
Patrick Moreau
5 Cities, June 4 – 19
Price varies by country.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 2.18.15 PM

Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore – woohoo!!

We are so pumped for this. After 30 cities in the US, we are just on fire with sharing our ideas and approach to storytelling in what we consider to be the strongest workshop we’ve done to date. We love great stories and we believe there should be more of them out there!

With that we are thrilled to announce that Stillmotion and Canon are bringing Storytelling With Heart to Asia!

You want to become a stronger storyteller and we have a step-by-step action plan to help you make that happen today.

Storytelling With Heart is a set of approaches. Approaches you can place in your toolbox for inspiration and variety. Approaches to empower you in bringing a story to life like you never have before.

Stay tuned to storytellingwithheart.com where the specific countries, dates, and locations will be shared shortly.

“You will learn more in the first 2 hours of the workshop than you have in 10 of the combined workshops you’ve taken in the past. They genuinely want to stretch you beyond what you thought was possible.”

Storytelling With Heart is a workshop that is so rich with storytelling process content, it’s like drinking from a fire hose.”

Now is the time to go out there and tell your story! We never stop learning because storytelling and filmmaking are dynamic and ever changing. With the right tools and maybe a new perspective you’ll soon be on your way to sharing your incredible stories.

On a final note in the interest of learning….

Story & Heart Ask Us Anything
April 29th, at 6 PM PST
Free. That’s right, totally free!

The idea is simple: to give you the chance to finally ask that one burning question about filmmaking you’ve always had, but have never had answered.

The Live Event is a place for Story & Heart’s filmmaking community to come together, a place where you feel comfortable to ask those questions that get at something so much deeper than anything you’d find in a typical Q&A.

These are the kinds of questions that will help us become the kind of filmmaker we want to be: filmmakers who feel supported and safe enough to tell the kinds of stories that matter—stories that can change the world.

By registering for the event, you’ll be joining us and a crew of other fantastic filmmakers—like Gnarly Bay, Vincent Laforet, Film Lab Creative, Capture Studios, the Delivery Men, and Ryan Booth—for a big night of community, collaboration, and, above all, learning.

Registration is totally free. All you have to do is submit that one burning question you’ve never been able to ask. Additionally, if you link us to one of your own films we choose it be critiqued, live on air!

Also! We’ll have plenty of stuff to give away—share this page with some fellow filmmaking friends to possibly win some gear or swag! More details on the Story & Heart Blog.

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10 Thoughts on “Some Amazing EDU Opportunities From SM & Friends

  1. I’m confused on where and how to login to the free Q&A event. Is there a link that I’m supposed to go to at 6PST? Or is a Google hangout, or what?
    I didn’t receive a follow-up email, nor could I locate more information on this event.
    Deep gratitude,
    Sophie W.

    • Hi Sophie, Dom from Story & Heart here.

      We apologize if you’re a little confused about what’s happening, but here’s exactly what you can do:

      Everything will be happening at: storyandheart.com/hangoutwithheart.

      That’s where you can go to see a live stream of the whole event, as well as a link to the Google+ Hangout, because yep! It’s a Google+ Hangout On Air.

      Otherwise, everything you’ll need both tonight and in the future will be on that landing page. To participate in the event itself, you should head to the Google+ page linked through the landing page. The link is located below the live stream video.

      I really hope that helps and that you enjoy yourself tonight! If you have any more questions, please feel free to email me at dom@storyandheart.com.

      Thanks for taking the time to join us for such an incredible event!

  2. Would the ‘Directing Motion Vincent LaForet’ workshop be available in video format later? Pay for download … for us in Africa :)

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