• By Storytellers, for Storytellers. Introducing: Story & Heart.


Magic happens when we work together.

The combined wealth of knowledge and talent that we share as a community inspires us beyond belief. Currently, there’s nothing out there to facilitate this type of collaboration easily — to enable filmmakers to collaborate together, share ideas, and challenge each other.

For us, that’s frustrating.

So we’re building something. Together.

Story & Heart — a safe harbor for our captured moments and a place to see them become something more.

Story & Heart is one part filmmaking community, one part video licensing platform. We’re building this our own way — crafting a place that celebrates the unique individual, while supporting a community of like-minded filmmakers.

It’s a place to learn, collaborate and encourage.
A destination for authentic stories.
A new home.

And this is only the beginning.

One part filmmaking community.

We’ve honestly been wishing for a community like this for quite some time…it is just pure creative stimulation for me. It stimulates us to grow our own craft, and it gives so much of the footage that was just sitting on archive drives — a newly purposed life.

— Aaron at Film Lab Creative

Story & Heart is a platform that allows us to push our stories further. We’ll come together as a community, bounce ideas off of one another, and collaborate in a completely new way.

If you believe in this idea and want to be a part of a story-driven community, please visit the website and sign up with the Build With Us button.

One part video licensing platform.

Halt. Right there.

Story & Heart is the antithesis of the big box behemoths of the stock footage game…it is a downtown boutique store…complete with the friendly bell when you open the creaky, old-timey door to explore the digital goodies. Bohemian not Bohemoth. :)

- Dan at Gnarly Bay

Let’s be honest: previous stock footage companies are generic, greedy, giant abysses of largely unusable footage (piles of clips, virtually useless to a story-driven filmmaker).

The thought of our footage — the blood, sweat and tears that have been poured into it — being available on any of those stock video platforms has never sat well with us.

Story & Heart creates a viable platform to launch and sell your content without selling your soul.

For filmmakers, licensing footage creates a passive income stream. This means they don’t have to be entirely dependent on clients’ expectations in order to make a living. It offers a new reason to go out and shoot — knowing that one beautiful captured moment could become something so much more through the Story & Heart community.

Go. Out. And. Shoot.

Go out there and shoot something you’ve always wanted to.

Use your creative freedom, let go of expectations, don’t worry about clients. Test, try, experiment, fail, succeed — and share your footage at Story & Heart where you can make money telling only the stories you love.

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 5.01.04 PM

We’re doing this because there are thousands of us out there. Thousands of passionate, story-driven filmmakers; each with different ideas, talents, and experiences.

If you feel the same way, visit StoryandHeart.com and click the Build With Us button. We will be sharing even more in the coming weeks as we raise this new baby.

Once you join the community, you’ll get a unique link to share. For those of you who spread the love, we have something spectacular planned just for you. Start creating the pitch for the film you’ve always wanted to make.

In the comments below, we’d love to hear what’s racing through your mind.

Excited to have a passive income stream that helps you focus on the stories you believe in most?

Excited to become a part of this community?
Tell us about it! :)

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19 Thoughts on “By Storytellers, for Storytellers. Introducing: Story & Heart.

  1. OMG, yes. I will help you with anything! Call me and I would love to be a part of this besides just submitting footage. lets talk…. I have been wanting to do this for years, or find a good company to do this. My syndication house, does not do video. I can’t wait to hear what you kids have cooking…

  2. Story and Heart sounds wonderful!
    You have already built a great community here on the blog and beyond. Even if you transplant a portion of that into Story and Heart, you will have a great platform. I am happy to be a member of the community look forward to learning and sharing with you all.

  3. It’s like a 1,2 punch for those of us taking the Story with Heart workshop, SM, what more awesomeness are up you guys sleeve? Can’t wait!!!

    Maybe for once working on the project we are passionate about has more than just feeling great about ourself in return :)

  4. Solid gold. Guys & gals, if this is as good as it looks, I’m blown away and equally excited about it! I know a bunch of us in the small-team film community have been talking on the twittersphere, DMs about it since we first heard word. I think it’s an answer to and a solution for a big wide gap in the creative industry. And you said it – stock footage can have its place, but boy is it time consuming to dig and find and deflating knowing what the person gets out of it in the end. Keeping our eyes and ears peeled and our whole team (At First Sight Films) is eager to get behind it! Cheers, friends.

  5. Wish I was back in Portland….my home for over 10 years….kids were born there and still have family there….
    also where I got my start with Visual Story Telling….Video…. This looks to be something very interesting to add to my arsenal…..can’t wait for the rest of the details…. If you even need an East Coast — Rep I am now based in Tampa….???

  6. Looks like the SM team is truly unstoppable. Congrats on a timely idea. I’m happy that you all did the work – I hope to be a meaningful participant!


    • Thanks so much Marcel. It’s been an incredibly rewarding project to be working on. We can’t wait to see how many incredible stories are shared with the world as a result of the S&H community and all of the filmmakers who call it home.

  7. What a brilliant idea! Hats off to the team for “building a bridge to a new reality” for those of us who are exhausted starring at barriers and gazing up mountains. My son and I have just started on a humble small-scale path to help tell stories that matter in creative and compelling ways. We are calling it Cover2Cover Productions. We celebrate your vision, creativity and resolve to build such an inspiring community. Beautiful. Stillmotion….always in motion one could say! Thank you.

    • Incredible to hear. Our goal with S&H is to help remove those barriers and make the process of telling those meaningful stories a little easier.. Can’t wait to see what you and son are dreaming up.

  8. This is such an amazing idea. Love it!

    I want to do more stories for the young families who don’t have the strongest foundations on what it truly takes to live with purpose. Encouragement and general guidance to stimulate thought and provoke action. Like what you’ve done to the young and now revived film making community.

    Love you Stillmotion!

    • It’s an interesting discussion. In the cases that we, Stillmotion, have searched for stock footage in the past, we’re needing less of a specific ‘subject’ and more of a specific ‘feeling.’ And in every case, we’ve never found the feeling we were looking for – what we’ve come to the conclusion of, is that there is a fundamental difference between shooting for heart (or passion) versus shooting for stock. And what we’re building with S&H is a library of content that was shot with heart, with a specific feeling in mind – a feeling that can be brought to any film the footage is used in.

  9. This is great news! Sounds like something that’ll make big waves across the industry. At last, we can go out and shoot for ourselves rather than at the control of others. Totally had a braveheart moment. #freedom!

    Thank you for including us like family. Can’t wait!

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