wow, three and a half days can go by so fast! but hopefully questions were answered, light bulbs sparked on, and fun was had! it was definitely really cool and inspiring watching everyone’s short films and commercials! it’s amazing seeing everyone applying everything they’ve learnt in such a short period of time into these pieces. the last day’s usually the hardest, when everyone is running on little to no sleep but as always, our attendees plow (plough?) through it, driven by their passion for filmmaking. the day consisted of post production, storytelling, editing and some 1 on 1 time, followed by mini sections from lil’j, quenners, P, and i on editing, working fast, being you, and getting over your fears. quite the extensive day. the long hours may have been tough, but at the end of it, it’s always so sad to say “see you soon” (i hate goodbyes) to all the amazing people from all over the world. but hey, who know’s we’re probably gonna be in one of their cities/countries at any given moment so i’m gonna lean on that for now :)

thank you to all of our sponsors for making this all happen, Canon Live Learning, Lens Pro To Go (LPTG)smallHD, Cinevate, Kessler Crane, ProfotoWith EtiquetteShootsac, and Zacuto.



now i can show you what they’re clapping and smiling about, or you can just enjoy the tease :p

everyone’s concentrating really hard on the elements in the films and for what’s coming up next, voting!

team east coast/west coast (EC/WC) formerly known as choppers, team russia, team triumph, and island fever.

eyes closed and hands up to break a tie breaker

look at all those goodies!

miss everyone already! <3 hope everyone got home safe. hey ray :p and big thanks to gretta too! she’s not in the photo because she was busy making the night to be awesome sauce!

for those of you who follow us on twitter (@stillmotion) you would’ve seen the intensity, or the lack there of, that is the game of pool. you can tell they love what they do since the workshop’s over and gear still comes out. 

thought i’d grab your attention with puppies. did it work? not gonna lie, going around doing the bts photos, we lingered a TEENY bit longer at doggieville, the doggie dare care. if ever you feel unloved or lonely, just go for 5 minutes and guaranteed you’re the only thing that is important, even if it’s just for a moment :p

annnnyyyywaaay, so yesterday was the shooting day and it was warm, sunny but most definitely busy! starting at 730am everyone and their plans they made last night headed off to their businesses for the commercial or the studio for their short film. as i was travelling around to see what people were doing and taking some shots, its amazing how diverse each location was. aleks and i did bts and we started at doggie dare care as you can see (AH SO CUTE) there were definitely some obstacles as you also see, but i think the payoff was well worth it.

later in the evening was the infamous editing “party” filled with pizza (regular and gluten free) and beer (although i think a starbucks bar is more appropriate for next time.) it’s always amazing to see what everyone comes up with with what they’re given with a time frame. we’re just about to watch the finished projects now! i’ll tell you how they go.


awwww look at themmmmmm. i can’t. looks like the puppy on the left is licking the FLT

you must be curious as to what’s going on here? get it? curious? ha.  ha.  ha.

see what i mean about diverse? from puppies to swords (not together)

not a spot i’d choose to be with swords flying about. but you gotta do what you gotta do

classic cars shop in perfect light, make the most of it with the cinevate slider

classic cars, inception style

aleks: reminds me of cars
me: ya! (from a third party, must sound obvious, but cars means totally different nowadays) 

gryphon (dor) so many textures in the shop!!!!

a very intense look

smallHD really helping out with these shots here where seeing the screen isn’t an option.

you have to plead your case to use a certain piece of gear. and this group definitely made their case with the cinevate dolly, can’t wait to see the shot!

edits coming together slowly but surely!

last minute shot! but arguably the most epic and dramatic of the day. two cars with headlights, cinevate dolly and kessler‘s crane playing together!

we’re all about finding the story wherever and whenever with whoever (whomever?) so what kind of stories can you find with random objects given to you. how would you use it to drive your story or characters? use it as a prop? conversational piece? i guess we’ll see what our evo attendees come up with today on their shooting day! they have a commercial to shoot with a local business, and we’ve got some very cool businesses too might i add, we have a doggie day care, a martial arts school, instrument stringing store, and place that restores and modifies classic cars. on top of the commercial they have a short film they have to produce using the objects below and more. from what we’ve seen and heard so far from the different groups, we’re very excited about their concepts and ideas. team names have been forming as well, i’ve heard team russia, and team west/east coast choppers so far. there’s two more groups, i’ll find out what their names are. in the meantime follow us on twitter (@stillmotion) and see what we’re doing throughout the day :)

panda X

our first evo in our san fran studio began last night. so exciting! after months of planing, weeks of cleaning, days of “decorating” and fine tuning, the night has finally come. we couldn’t be more happy with the weather for those of us that came from the cold east coast, although the nights were still a bit chilly (we forgive you san fran.) the night started off with eager filmmakers ready for some honest critique (or as ready as they could be) and from there more and more questions rose whether it was about our work, their own work, or the deeper meaning of many many things. what was even more exciting was all the different places everyone came from. there was russia, greece, hawaii, texas, or just down the street, all with the same purpose. it may have been a longer night than expected but i don’t think of any of us felt it, non that i know of anyway. question marks are popping up left and right, but hopefully day by day, some light bulbs will turn on (metaphorically and literally)!

panda X

you show us stuff, we show you stuff, fair?

so we’re about a month and a half away from the air date of our docu-drama “a game of honor” and last week was another leg checked off, and a pretty cool one at that (both figuratively and literally.) we headed off to colorado springs to the air force academy where signs everywhere warn you that there’s a lack of oxygen. but little to no air doesn’t stop us, we went with full “force” (pun may not be intended) and tackled (ok, i’ll stop ;) the shoot.

it was amazing to finally get to see the third service academy with a football team in the league. the game last saturday was definitely one we were glad we didn’t miss, as air force takes home (or keeps) the commander in chief trophy. can’t wait for the final army vs navy game on december 10th!


team air force practicing 2 days before the game

search and rescue demo in the middle of the air force quad. they had quite the audience!

practicing for landing in the stadium field, still can’t believe the scenery

traveling to the stadium with team army while lil’ j gets a shot

from my vantage point, there were times when i was certain that P. was going to get tangled in rope.

lil’j getting cozy on the side lines with army

“SHOW ME THE MONEY!” or a coin at least so he can flip it. Cuba Gooding Jr. ladies and gentlemen. 

P. running out of the giant helmet with the air force.