chasing horses in banff

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yesterday was an exceptionally fun day. you see, i’m speaking at the Business As An Artform conference in Banff this week, and yesterday was travel day. what’s so great about travel day? well, when it involves driving through the Canadian Rocky Mountains, you could say that such a day is heaven on earth for me…according to Google Maps, the drive from the Calagary airport to Banff is supposed to be about 90 minutes. i started driving at 5:00 and didn’t get there until 9! i knew i’d want to stop here and there to grab some shots, but i didn’t account for the fact that it would be golden hour and that everything would be so incredibly spectacular.

the best part of the trip was when i transformed back into a kid. i was just about to get surrounded by mountains when i saw a field of horses backlit by the setting sun. i yelled out a quick screech of excitement and proceeded over to the the barbed wire fence that kept the horses off the highway (and sane photographers out of the field).

i couldn’t get there fast enough! throwing caution (and care for my jeans) to the wind, i climbed over the fence and started running towards the horses. the beauty of it all was that i could “control” their positions by simply chasing them! i really wish someone could have filmed this. i’m sure it was quite the spectacle.

i hope you enjoy the images as much as i enjoyed taking them!


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