• cinema caravan // six… san fran

we have had a ridiculously good time on the bus tour. we met some really incredible people, pushed ourselves to many limits, and brought back home new inspiration with us. but it’s not over yet!

just announced:  canon cinema caravan city #6!
and we still have a few spots left!

where? san francisco
when? august 10th and 11th
why? come on now. i think by now we’ve all realized that it’s the most FUN THING EVER!

to register, click here.
to see what our trip has been like so far, click here.
to see some behind the scenes awesomeness, keep reading.


behind the scenes:  day one.

the bus arrives! we get our first glimpse after waiting 1.5 hours for jose, our driver, to make it through manhattan during rush hour.

steadicam training in portland. who ever said people couldn’t fly?

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6 Thoughts on “cinema caravan // six… san fran

  1. lol @David Hong’s Comment.
    On a serious note though, you guys do amazing work. The Portland training video was pretty awesome!

  2. Amina – Even though our wedding was 2 years ago (as of yesterday, in fact!) I still read your blog, amazing as always of course. And now you are coming to our city, SF! I hope you guys have a great workshop and if you need anything while you are in SF please don’t hesitate to email/call! There are about a zillion great photo ops in and around SF, not to mention the tons of amazing food. Hope you have fun!

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