The Finalists! Vote Now To Green Light A Dream Film.

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These stories have a ton of heart. Vote now to Green Light one of these films. We have a band of awesome companies who will help bring one of them to life.

Until February 4th at midnight, cast your vote for the film you’d like to see Green Lit.

We have taken over 100 entries and narrowed them to 10 dream films (pitches). Now you choose the top two finalists. From there, five awesome companies each get one vote to determine which film gets Green lit.

YOU decide the two finalists.

February 7th at 9am we’ll announce the Green Lit film. From there, we’ll all get started in helping bring it to life.

Here is a recap of how all of these awesome companies will help bring the chosen film to life.

$5,000 credit from Stillmotion to be used for a mentorship throughout the production process.e will collaborate with you to help develop your story. Build out the story arc, brainstorm the conflict, and get help planning for production. We are here to help brainstorm and guide you to ensure that your dream film is more than brought to life, it’s also as effective as possible.

A rental credit of $2,500 so you have all the gear you need. Whether it be a Canon C300, Freefly Movi, or a collection of sweet lenses, the team at LPTG has provided an awesome credit to ensure your are geared up throughout the production process. More than that, they are an incredible resource to help make sure you are choosing the right gear to bring your story to life.

$5,000 credit for music services to ensure your story sounds as good as it looks. An amazing part of having Marmoset involved is that you’ll get a dedicated music supervisor, somebody who will listen to what your story is about and what you want to achieve, and help suggest tracks that add to your story. You’ll also have the option to use your credit towards custom composition for your film!

$2,500 licensing credit for footage that is made from the heart and crafted with story in mind. We hope you’ll dream big with your story, and often that means needing footage beyond your local reach. With Story & Heart you’ll have access to amazing footage and an incredible community from around the world to help make your story even stronger.

Front page coverage of your film when it’s ready to launch. Bringing your story to life is only half the battle – you also need to be creative in how you get people to see it. In partnering with FStoppers, you’ll know that when your film is ready it can debut to a large audience and thousands of views.


    Linda Freedman

    Congratulations, Erik! It’s a great story, and you’ve just won the kind of support from these five companies to help you do an outstanding job. Good luck as you move ahead with production. I look forward to seeing the final result!

    anne mcleod

    Good luck spiri and Lukas xxx

    anne mcleod

    All the best to you both x anne

    malcolm mcleod

    Good luck lukas and spiri xxx

    Good Luck Lukas! Very talented! X


    Good luck Lukas you deserve to win xx

    Tina Renesis

    Excellent short Documentary Good luck Lucas

    Heather Peterson

    Good luck noelle!

    Tina Renesis

    Good Luck Lukas x


    good luck to the film, nice point of view from real life…

    Reuben Weinzveg


    good luck…and I’m voting as much as possible…



      Thanks Reuben! You certainly understand real magic, living where you do. :)

    Linda Freedman

    I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be named a finalist! Much of the credit has to go to Stillmotion, whose TAC and EVO workshops forced me to think through what I was trying to accomplish, and gave me access to such an incredible array of learning resources – especially the human ones! THANK YOU, Stillmotion!

    The result is LEO’S QUEST, a film about how a wife’s ultimatum propelled a severely wounded Iraq war veteran off the couch, into wheelchair fencing and, after training for just 14 months, the 2013 National Wheelchair Saber Championship.

    It’s a film about the challenges and triumphs Leo faces as he attempts to qualify for the 2016 Paralympics. But it’s really much bigger than that. Leo’s passion to compete is second to his desire to give back in every way he can, by coaching disabled youngsters and helping other wounded vets recover from both their visible and invisible injuries.

    My hope is that LEO’S QUEST will provide a window into the experiences of our veterans, as they return from battle, and struggle to adjust to civilian life, despite their grievous wounds. And that it will remind us of the resilience of the human spirit and its unquenchable desire to be seen as capable and competent, and worthy of our respect.

    Becky Walker

    Wonderful video, Linda. Good luck just voted!

    Good luck Lukas Agelastos…..


    Maribeth and I are so excited to be finalists! Here’s a little more about our film:

    In a medium-sized city, by a big lake, at the base of a tall tree, inside a tiny door, lives a tree elf. For real.

    Over the last decade, Mr. Little Guy, as he is known, has responded directly to thousands of letters from Minnesotans of all shapes and sizes. His identity is a mystery, but with his signature sign-off – “enjoy your summer. I believe in you.” – Mr. Little Guy brings joy, wonder, solace, and hope to the people of Minneapolis, a city that, in spite of its niceness, can sometimes be a little cold.

    For Anna Larson, Mr. Little Guy brings curiosity, kindness, and consistency just when she needs it most. His door first appears in the ash tree across the street from her house on the same day that her parents announce their divorce. 20 years later, Anna returns home again – beat up, defeated, and in need of some serious magic. Anna’s mom is very sick and can no longer care for herself. As Anna cleans out her childhood home in preparation to sell it, she stumbles upon her elf letters and embarks on a mission to find the man behind the tiny door.


      Awesome! Go Mari & Cara. I wanna see this film!!!!


      Wow, I would love to see a movie about Mr. Little Guy – we all need some magic!


    I voted for Holly T.

      Thanks for the Vote Pixie! WE are really excited to tell this story! With or without the contest. Find our project on Facebook at Anything Can Be! Jon Diaz is an amazing person and photographer. I am excited to see this story unfold. Thank you to Stillmotion for considering our project and being such an inspirational force of goodness for filmmaking! I admire their team and hope that the film would be something they would watch!


    Do we need to accept the Facebook app permissions to vote, or is that just to announce to the world that we voted?

      Jman, voting is limited to only one vote per Facebook user. Facebook has to ask your permission to store you username… hints the popup. –Joe.


      Yes, but they request access to much more. Unlike.

    Thank you for including me in the top 10!!


    Wow I cant wait to see which one wins. Just Voted!!!!!

      Thanks Dominique! :D
      I can’t wait either!

    Ella Davis

    Thank you! I voted!

      Rock it Ella!

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