• KNOW by stillmotion

KNOW by stillmotion

we’re beyond excited to announce KNOW by stillmotion, a 36 North American city educational tour this fall.

KNOW is about finding your voice as a storyteller – how your light, audio, lenses, composition and edit shape your story.

we’ve divided the seminar in two sections, allowing those who have full-time day jobs the ability to participate in the night editing session while taking home the educational content from earlier in the day.

in addition to the no holds bar content we’ll be sharing in person, we’ve also got some pretty killer take-homes for those participating in KNOW and for those who want to be involved but can’t make it to one of the 36 stops.

the first take-home is a 100 page class workbook featuring diagrams on lighting setups, lav placements, effective lens selection, behind the scenes photos and explanations, various worksheets, and reviews on the gear we use day in an day out.

the second is SMAPP, the stillmotion app. we’re DAYS away from SMAPP hitting the streets and we’re so excited that everyone who attends KNOW will walk away with this amazing filmmaking tool.

the third is a DVD of the entire filmmaking module. produced in our studio, the DVD will allow you to revisit the content from KNOW whenever you like.

we’ve also got an incredible loot bag (who doesn’t love a loot bag?) for our attendees featuring swag, discounts and information on the gear we believe in.

interested in more information or looking to sign up?

head on over to www.KNOWbystillmotion.com for all of the details.

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  1. yup. believe so. we’re rotating somewhat through the tour to make sure we keep our energy up! but i believe he’ll be there for that stop.

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