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Muse, Reloaded. 3 Awesome Evolutions For The Last Class This Year

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Muse is re-opening to another 500 learners today (Monday, Sept. 21), and that’s not even the biggest news we have to share.

It’s not just about opening the doors to Muse one more time.

It’s about having taken the time to listen to allow Muse learners to be heard.

It’s not just about taking note of what did work and didn’t work, but actually putting the work in to make it better.

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How to Conquer 3 Huge Challenges on Shoots

By | Featured, Storytelling | 4 Comments

After Amina hung up the phone the reality of her timeline became very clear. She had just one hour to come up with a concept for a potential new client.

One hour.

The concept was for a new promotional video for Lego and Cartoon Network, one that would secure them a spot on a panel at next year’s SXSW in Austin, Texas. It’s the premier set of festivals and conferences showcasing the best and newest in film, music, and interactive.

Lego and Cartoon Network may seem like an unlikely partnership, when in fact they’ve been collaborating for years on television shows and toy lines. The showcase for SXSW is their opportunity to bring that collaboration to the masses. For a company to be showcased, people choose who joins the panel by voting on the panelist they’re most interested in seeing.

They were shopping the project around and wanted to hear what Stillmotion could deliver.

It would be no small task. And it all started with an email from the day before.

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