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what a night!!!

we decided to walk to the Emmys last night. it was a distance that, on a normal day in NY, you would cab. we wanted to have some time to take it all in before the show started. looking back just a couple years, a weekend in late April would probably see us off shooting a wedding somewhere and now we were hours away from receiving multiple Emmy’s for our work in A Game of Honor.

the view from inside the lincoln center as we mingled before the show began

stillmotion was nominated for 8 Emmy’s, which we couldn’t help but get excited about, but we went in trying to keep our expectations down. this was out first time at the show and there are a lot of strong entries across all of the categories.

one of the first categories we were nominated in was Outstanding Promo, for the trailer to A Game of Honor. for each category, like most award shows, they announce all the nominees and play a brief clip of each. that’s followed by the winner being revealed from a white envelope. sitting there, waiting for announcement, you’d almost start saying ‘A Game of Honor’ to yourself almost as if hearing it would make it real. and then it happened. they called…