LensSelectorMeet Your New Best Friend (in filmmaking)…

SMAPP is the Stillmotion app — and if you haven’t downloaded it yet, now is the time to stop whatever you’re doing and get it. This app is free, and it’s an incredibly helpful tool for filmmakers, especially out in the field.

Filmmaking is all about making choices. SMAPP was designed to not only make the decision process easier, but also to help the filmmaker really understand the decisions they are making. Learning this craft can be intimidating and there are so many tools that we often don’t even realize we have, or we don’t fully understand how to use.

SMAPP makes the daunting tasks (big or small) of filmmaking more approachable, and empowers the filmmaker to tell relevant and meaningful stories with more confidence than ever before.

SMAPP was created by a team of filmmakers, photographers, designers, and educators.This app is going to provide you with video tutorials at your fingertips, tools to keep yourself organized and on track, helpful gear reviews, and more.

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Why We Made SMAPP?

At Stillmotion we value education as much as any of the work we produce.

We’ve learned so much over the years — starting in weddings and eventually ending up on the sidelines at the Superbowl, and wining 3 Emmys for our first feature-length sports documentary, A Game of Honor.

As we continue to do produce more films and take in new experiences, we want to share them with other filmmakers — because we’ve been exactly where you are, and we would’ve killed for a resource like this.

We hope you’ll download this app and use it to prepare for shoots and stay organized in the field, because these are the times when you truly need a friend… let SMAPP be your friend.

Lens Selection ToolLensSelection

Ok, you know what you want your shot to look like. You can see it in your head, you’re envisioning the finished film and fantasizing about how great it looks.

The hard part is knowing exactly which lens is going to give you that shot, or if your vision of the shot is really even best for your story.

SMAPP’s Lens Selection Tool is going to help you find that lens. Input your character’s mood and traits, along with some scenario details.

Is it a comedic scene, or dramatic? Is your character feeling particularly isolated? Is there a certain way you want the scene to feel? Tell SMAPP the details and let the Lens Selction Tool help you pick out a lens.

Shot List ToolShotList

Shot lists: a very necessary pain in the ass.

The shot list tool will get your ideas down, choose a focal length for each shot (wide, medium, or tight), and assigning a camera stabilizing tool (monopod, tripod, Steadicam, etc). You’ll keep track of your progress on shoot day by checking off your shots in the field.

The most awesome thing about the Shot List Tool is the sharing feature. You’ll share the shot list with other members of your crew, and everyone can see the updates and changes being made as you go.

You can also add photos, and sync it up to your Lens Selection Tool so that you and everyone on your team will know which lens will be used for each shot.

Movement Toolmovement

Choices, choices, choices.

The fact that we have so many gear options in this world is both a blessing and a curse — sometimes it’s hard to make sense of it all and choose…



Input certain characters or scenes in your story, along with some details about your resources (time and space), and the Movement Tool will suggest a way to move your camera that is story relevant and within your range of given resources.

Packing ListPackingList

Packing gear properly can be time consuming and somewhat mundane.

Let’s face it, nobody is drawn to storytelling because of the bags they get to pack.

But guess what? SMAPP likes to pack gear.

Create an extensive packing list tailored for your shoot. Assign your gear to a certain bag or to individuals with an easy-to-use labeling system. We’ve even included a handy progress bar so you can see how far you’ve packed.

The coolest part: Sync your packing list with your Dropbox and it’ll share it with your team. This is going to help you keep your shoot organized, and save you some potential airport meltdowns.

Tutorials Tutorials

SMAPP offers over 30 tutorials for filmmakers at various skill levels, and they’re all free!

Maybe you’re still figuring things out and need to know how to set exposure or work a wireless lav mic. The Getting Started tutorials will walk you through it, and tell you all about the beginning stages of a concept, tool, or function.

What about transitions? You need to know how to move from one concept to another in our film. Let the Transitioning tutorials show you the way!

Use the Explore tutorials to grasp a better understanding of a concept, tool, or function. SMAPP will show you how to make the most out of it.

Seriously… download it!

How Do I Sync and Share On SMAPP 3.0?

1. Add your new list.

  • Select “Add Shot List” from the Shot Planner menu, or “Add Packing List” from the Packing List menu.
  • Select “Locally.”

2. Create your list!

  • Attach photos, set timers, go to town!

3. Publish to Dropbox

  • From your Shot Planner or Packing List menu, find your new list and left-swipe to view your options.
  • Press the drive icon to publish the list to your Dropbox.

4. Share it!

  • From the Shot Planner or Packing List menu, find your list and left-swipe to view your options.
  • Press the share icon.
  • Email it to your team!


SMAPP for Android?

While SMAPP is currently only developed for iOS, we’ve heard you loud and clear – and we are excited to begin porting it over for Android users. Once we smooth out any new bugs in this new version, we’ll be contracting out the work of porting it over. As always, you’ll be the first to know when it’s complete!