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We’re glad you’re here. Really – we appreciate the time you’ve chosen to share with us in the pursuit of stronger stories.

Here’s the truth; we LOVE great stories. And, quite frankly, we think that there should be more of them out there.

We hope you’ll take a few moments to help us get to know you. We’d also love to take a moment and share our story, as it’s so central to the content and ideas we’ll be bringing you.

It’s been 10 years thus far in our pursuit of great stories. We started in weddings, way back when, while in University. One day we got a call, totally out of blue, from the NFL. They’d seen one of our wedding films, appreciated our approach to story, and wanted to see how it might fit for their game. In a week we went from hotel ballrooms to all access for the NFL playoffs, San Diego vs. Green Bay.

That relationship got us noticed by CBS, which led to the DP and camerawork for A Game of Honor, a feature length doc on the Army-Navy historic football rivalry. That film went on to win 3 Emmy’s, but what it really showed us was the possibility and value in us stepping out and telling our own stories. With that we took on our first entirely original feature length documentary, #standwithme, the empowering story of a 9-year-old using lemonade to try and change the world.

Weddings, the NFL, CBS, Emmy’s, and now our own feature film. When we look at how far we’ve come from those days in a college dorm room storyboarding wedding shoots, it really all comes down to one simple idea; Story First.

We’ve always pushed ourselves to tell the best story possible, regardless of the gear, crew, budget, or what might be ‘expected’ in that type of film. And when we did, when we put the story first and pushed ourselves to tell our best story every time out, people started to notice, and we got some amazing opportunities.

That journey took us over 9 years. We want to help you get where you want to go in far less time than that.

That’s why we do this, why we share everything we know about storytelling, because we believe in the power of a well told story and we hope we can help you create films with more heart, intention, and impact than you ever have before.

Everything we’ll share with you on our blog has that one goal in mind, to put story first, and to help you develop that storytelling muscle.

So now that we’ve shared why we are here, I hope you’ll take a moment and do the same.

Why are you here, browsing the blog, and what can we help you with? Taking the time to join the conversation really helps us shape the content we bring you here on the blog. So thank you, in advance :)

Thank you for joining us in making storytelling an obsession.

- Patrick, Heidi, George, and Bex (plus the entire Stillmotion team)

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8 Thoughts on “The New SMBlog + What It’s All About

  1. I’m here cause I’ve been lucky to attend your workshop in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, and loved your vision of filmmaking. I’m always eager to learn and evolve and I think reading from your experience might be rewarding. I’d like to read some more about color grading, since i’m just givin my first steps in it (and yes, I’ve seened the tutorial you have on vimeo and it’s awsome) and about workflow for data backup, how you do it and organize it. It’s a difficult market so I need to keep pushing myself ;)

  2. I started out in producing interview videos and vignettes but I’m now shooting mostly sports. I love the look that the DSLR gives me for those former types of videos but not achieving what I would like to see in the sports arena. I would be interested in seeing the differences in your approach, setup, gear and workflow between weddings, sports and features.
    By the way, I love the new design!

  3. The new design is very trendy, but I’m not sure it adds anything to the experience. I miss the fun background pattern, but I like some of the new elements – like rollover effects and the sticky nav bar – and the abundance of negative space. Also, I think that at its widest setting, the line length is a little too long to comfortably skip to the next line. That’s on a 23″ monitor at 1920×1200 resolution.

    Keep moving forward – you do some great work, and I always love reading your posts.

    • Hey Jon! So when our web designer said you guys lets update the blog, our first thought was nah we don’t need it. But as we started to look more deeply at it we thought: Well we always are evolving, and so all of the internet. With video embedded into our header and responsive design we are speaking more intentionally about the kind of films we make: responsive, image forward films. Sorry you aren’t digging the line length–the good news is that with responsive design you can always tighten up your browser window to shorten the line length as you desire. As for the triangle pattern, we still use it, just less. It’s like an easter egg now!

  4. Love Still Motion but the new blog design is not reading properly on my Windows 7 computer. It has read throughs, dropped photos and does not format properly. It is a mess on my computer. We do operate behind a pretty robust firewall.

  5. Keep up the good work. I don’t think it was San Diego vs. Green Bay in the playoffs though. They’re in different conferences and would only meet in the Super Bowl, and as a SD fan I know that hasn’t happened.

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